Já.is Product Search

We created a commercial campaign for Já.is' product search engine, a search service that combines results from hundreds of Icelandic online stores in one place.

We created a whole world of three-dimensional and stimulating impressions to draw attention to the main benefits of the service. The idea is based on images that could be called "strangely satisfying" and takes the viewer into a 3D world where everything goes smoothly and comfortably.

Client: Já.is
Date: 2020

The Icelandic bank Arion engaged in the journey of rebranding and as part of the process we created an extended visual language for it.

Arion Bank has changed considerably in the past years. The Bank has clearly identified its unique position and has taken the lead in the development of digital solutions, as it adjusts its services to the latest needs and the possibilities of the future. Therefore, the new appearance of the bank focuses on the digital side.

The development of this distinctive imagery results in an up-to-date look, where Arion Bank's uses technology to provide customers with comfortable banking services and giving them time to enjoy themselves in their lives and work.

Client: Arion bank
Agency: Hvíta húsið
Art direction: Davíð Terrazas, Guðmundur Bernhard & Dagný Snorradóttir 
Animation: Sigrún Hreins 
Illustration: Silvia Pérez & Viktoria Buzukina
Date: 2018



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